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TopCraft offer the discounts for B2B bulk order. All products on the TopCraft website support bulk ordering. For B2B business, please contact our corresponding business email for preferential quotation.

B2B Contact Email:

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable supplier for your project? Whether you need faucets, bathtubs, sinks, furniture, outdoor products, or any other home improvement products, we can help you find the optimal match for your needs and budget. Just send email us to get quotes from TopCraft B2B team. No Hassle, No Risk. Don’t miss this opportunity to save time and money on your project. Request your free quotes today!

About TopCraft

TopCraft is a kitchen and bath company that specializes in producing and selling high-quality bathroom and home improvement products. TopCraft is the supplier of home improvement products in the industry, serving thousands of customers across the world. TopCraft offers a diverse product line, advanced technology and materials, professional solutions and services, and fast and efficient logistics and support. TopCraft’s mission is to help its customers create comfortable and stylish home spaces that meet their needs and preferences.

TopCraft Value Proposition and Core Advantages

  • We offer a diverse product line, including faucets, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, furniture, outdoor furniture, lighting, and more, to meet different styles and budgets.
  • We feature advanced technology and materials to ensure our products are durable, beautiful, and comfortable, and comply with international standards and environmental requirements.
  • We have a professional team that can provide ideal solutions and consulting services according to the needs and preferences of our customers.
  • We have a fast and efficient logistics that can deliver our products to the designated locations of our customers in a short time, and provide after-sales support.

TopCraft Solve the Following Pain Points or Needs of Home improvement Category Target Clients and Kitchen & Bathroom Categories Target Customers:

  • Home improvement category target customers, such as renovation companies, designers, real estate developers, etc., need to provide high-quality and fashionable home products for their projects, to attract more consumers. Our products can help them create personalized and diversified home styles, meet the aesthetics and needs of different consumers.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom category target customers, such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, etc., need to provide comfortable and sanitary bathroom & kitchen facilities for their guests, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our products can help them create high-end and elegant bathroom spaces, enhance their brand image and competitiveness.


1. Do you offer B2B business worldwide?

Yes, we work with B2B clients worldwide. We ship internationally and have experience delivering our products all over the world. International orders may be subject to additional shipping fees and import duties based on the destination country. We have strategic partners to help facilitate global trade and make the process as seamless as possible for our B2B customers. For more details, please contact

2. Do you offer volume discounts or wholesale pricing?

Yes, we offer tiered volume discounts and wholesale pricing for qualifying B2B accounts including resellers, hotels, resorts, event companies and commercial property owners. Please contact us for details on our partners program and bulk order rates.

3. Do you dropship orders?

We do provide dropshipping services for our B2B partners and resellers. There are no extra fees for dropshipping but certain order minimums apply. Dropshipped orders are handled with the same care and speed as direct orders.

4. Do you offer custom branding or personalization?

Custom brand personalization is a great way to provide added value for your customers or promote your business. Contact us for details.

5. What is your shipping policy?

We offer free standard shipping United States for all orders. Expedited and international shipping are available for an additional fee based on the destination and speed of delivery. Shipping fees are waived for all dropshipped orders. Most orders ship within 3 to 5 business days of receiving payment. For other country international orders shipping fees and import duties how to charge, please contact

6. Do you source sustainable or eco-friendly materials?

We aim to provide high quality products with a minimal environmental impact. Many of our materials are recyclable, and we avoid the use of toxic chemicals when possible. Our teak furniture uses fast-growing teak from plantations, and our aluminum and steel pieces contain recycled materials. We continue to search out and source more sustainable materials and processes.

7. What kind of warranty do you offer?

Our products come with warranties on materials and workmanship. The specific warranty period depends on the product type and materials used. Please see individual product listings for warranty information. Our B2B clients can contact our b2b sales representative about the warranty options.

8. What is the contact email for b2b?



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