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Modern Medicine Cabinet Buying Guide

If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom storage and functionality, installing a new modern medicine cabinet is a smart choice. This guide will walk you through the key types, features, and placement considerations to select the right cabinet to meet your needs.

When it comes to medicine cabinets for bathrooms, today's styles are sleeker and more functional than ever. Many new models feature innovations like frameless doors, custom storage solutions, lighting, and more to truly elevate your space.


At TopCraft, we offer an extensive selection of modern medicine cabinets to elevate your bathroom functionality and style. Our bath medicine cabinet features durable construction combined with beautiful finishes to become durable focal features.

Types of Modern Medicine Cabinets

Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Recessed mounting creates a built-in look and saves space. Recessed medicine cabinets come in a range of sizes and feature options like mirrors, shelves, and lighting. Streamlined framed and frameless styles allow seamless integration with your bath aesthetic.

Surface Mount Medicine Cabinets

Surface mounted cabinets are installed directly onto the wall surface. This makes them ideal if you rent or don't want to cut into walls. Look for adjustable or slide-out shelving to maximize storage. Surface mount bathroom cabinet mirrored options available.

Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Mirrored medicine cabinets feature mirrors on the cabinet door exterior to visually enlarge spaces. Many models also have interior mirrored backs to create an even deeper reflective view. Ideal for small baths or to create a glam aesthetic.

LED Lighted Mirrored Cabinets

Illuminate your face while getting ready with a lighted mirrored medicine cabinet. Integrated LED lighting creates perfect visibility. Some led mirrored medicine cabinet models feature led lights, motion sensors, and dimmers too.

Frameless Medicine Cabinets

The most contemporary design features doors that sit flush within the cabinet box without any exterior frame. This delivers a sleek, built-in look popular for modern bathrooms. Glass or metal shelves inside.

Key Features to Consider

Think through the following features to select the right modern medicine cabinet for your needs:

  • Frameless mirrored cabinet for recessed or surface mounting.
  • Fog-free mirrored door and sides with integrated perimeter LED lighting.
  • Adjustable glass shelves with steel posts inside cabinet.
  • Aluminum alloy construction with chrome finish frame.
  • Soft-close door hinges and magnetic door catch.
  • IP44 water resistance rating.
  • Stepless 3000K-6400K color temperature adjustment.
  • Anti-Fogging Technology: Defogger mirror glass and door.
  • Built-in outlets: Convenient for bathroom appliances.
  • Security: Locks to safely store medications.
  • Power-off memo.

TopCraft Modern Medicine Cabinets

Explore the latest trends and innovations now available with TopCraft’s modern medicine cabinets to keep your self-care storage stress-free and beautiful for years to come. Discover what makes our cabinets the leader in bath storage today!

Bathroom Placement Considerations

Proper medicine cabinet placement is key for use and safety. Recommended installation sites include:

  • Wall area above toilets with sufficient bracing
  • Near bathroom lighting around mirror
  • Within arm's reach of bathroom plumbing

Installation Types

Medicine cabinets come tailored for these installation types:

  • Recessed: Into wall studs
  • Surface Mounted: Onto wall surface
  • Side Mounted: Next to wall mounted faucets

Style & Design Guide

Match your medicine cabinet style to your overall bathroom aesthetic:

  • Modern: Frameless medicine cabinet, streamlined metal or glass.

All TopCraft medicine cabinets provide concealed storage to keep personal items neatly tucked away while being conveniently accessible when needed. Streamlined style options ranging from minimalist metal frames to door designs allow choosing ideal aesthetic matches for contemporary to traditional decors.

Thoughtful design details like lighting, mirrors and storage organization make everyday bathroom rituals easier. While seamless installation options ranging from surface mount to fully-recessed support tailoring our mirrored bathroom cabinet to your unique space requirements.

Final Takeaways

Carefully considering bathroom-medicine-cabinet types, features, placement, installation and style will ensure selecting the perfect modern medicine cabinet tailored to your storage needs and design vision. Maximizing function and aesthetics results in a bathroom focal feature you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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