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About Us

TopCraft, Inc. is an American kitchen and bath company established in 2017, specializing in the production and sales of kitchen and bathroom faucets, bathtubs, furniture, etc. Committed to offer various faucets, bathtubs, indoor and outdoor furniture items and comprehensive home decoration solutions to accelerate the creation of your comfortable and beautiful house. Our aim is to deliver the first-class product quality and service experience!

TopCraft is passionate about bringing comfort and quality to the bathroom and kitchen. TopCraft has always been on a mission to create high-quality bathrooms and kitchens with innovative styles. We respect the past and embrace the future, while upholding a set of values focused on customers, communities, and the environment.

How Did TopCraft Start?

TopCraft is a leading manufacturer of stylish baths, and TopCraft insists on exploring popular materials, styles, designs and everything related to baths. After that, TopCraft footsteps of exploration are no longer limited to bathroom and kitchen, and at the same time have a passion for exploring beautiful and innovative furniture and home decoration. We hope to create a warm living environment for everyone and deliver an ideal and healthy lifestyle. From TopCraft, you can bring a natural vibe to your home along with stylish and well-crafted art deco.

Our Persistence

Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and customer service keeps us moving forward. Our team regularly visits selected design fairs and furniture fairs to find exclusive, comfortable luxury bathroom products for our collections. We work closely with our stakeholders to find practicality, ingenuity and comfort for our customers and to provide our customers with a first-class product.

User experience is our primary concern. We insist on analyzing people's changing preferences for the details of our bathroom and kitchen room products to create pieces that are just right for you.

Adhere to Innovative Design 

At TopCraft, we are constantly challenging new designs to create unique features and stunning aesthetics that belong to TopCraft. For us, a bathtub is more than just a bathtub. It's more of a ritual of life, it is the soul and inspiration of a living space. Each piece of bathroom product in our comprehensive collection embodies the ultimate in uniqueness, blending aesthetics and functionality to provide a holistic and thorough approach to a variety of bathroom spaces.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability has been an ingrained part of every employee's mind since TopCraft's inception. Making money by sacrificing nature makes no sense to us because nature is our greatest asset. As a company, we need to take responsibility for making our world a better place. 

Long Term Value

TopCraft is committed to providing our customers with quality products and outstanding service, providing an inspiring work environment for our employees, and operating with unwavering integrity.

Responsible Production

Our production quantities are strictly controlled as mass production sometimes leads to unnecessary waste. With flexible stocking methods, we only keep a reasonable amount in stock for each item.


We use the best materials to design durable, high-quality products that last a long time. Combining high quality with a timeless look, our ultimate goal is to encourage everyone to become sustainable furniture buyers because if we work together, we can do more to save the planet. Taking these eco-friendly approaches with a sustainable mindset is our way of giving back to the world.

Be Vigilant About the Environment

We remain reverent and vigilant about the natural environment and integrate sustainable business practices to reduce the impact of our local and global operations.

Product Quality and Craftsmanship

TopCraft is committed to using safe and environmentally friendly materials to create products that meet or exceed industry quality and safety standards.

Through comprehensive research and development, utilizing our innovative design and technology to manufacture high-quality bathroom and kitchen products, we strive to consistently deliver products that live up to the TopCraft name.

Integrity, Compliance & Ethics

Since its inception, the TopCraft brand has focused on the core values of honesty and integrity. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business operations. TopCraft employees, from our manufacturing facilities, regional distribution centers and stores, to our corporate offices, are committed to this core principle.

Always passionate about pursuing the best quality with sustainable materials, TopCraft collaborates with professional designers around the world to curate the most fashionable designs that will please your eyes and help you keep up with the latest trends.

Fast & Free Shipping for USA Orders

We are honored to accept FedEx / UPS / Estes as the order’s freight carriers for you to enjoy fast shipping nationwide.

Areas Not Accepted for Shipping:

  • Alaska
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • Hawaii
  • United States Virgin Islands
  • Armed Forces of the Americas
  • European Armed Forces
  • Armed Forces of the Pacific.


TopCraft, Inc.


Tel: +1 (305) 836-6688


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