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Tips for Successful Bathroom Remodeling in the New Normal

Tips for Successful Bathroom Remodeling in the New Normal

In the new normal, for many families working and schooling from home, now is the ideal time to redo a space as essential as the bathroom. TopCraft tips for bathroom remodeling aim to help people turn bathroom decorating concepts into reality. Bathroom remodeling in the new normal is a great way to update your home and make it more comfortable and functional. With the current pandemic, it is important to make sure that your bathroom is safe and sanitary. This can be accomplished by making sure that all surfaces are properly disinfected and that all fixtures are in good working order. Additionally, it is important to consider the use of materials that are easy to clean and sanitize, such as glass, tile, and stainless steel.

When remodeling your bathroom, it is important to consider the layout and design of the space. This includes the placement of the sink, toilet, and shower, as well as the type of fixtures and materials used. Additionally, it is important to think about how the bathroom will be used in the new normal. This could include adding touchless fixtures, such as faucets and bathtubs, as well as installing antimicrobial surfaces and materials. Additionally, it is important to consider ventilation, as this can help reduce the spread of germs and viruses. Finally, it is important to ensure that the bathroom is well-lit, as this can help reduce the risk of falls and other accidents.

TopCraft Guide to Bathroom Remodeling is a comprehensive guide to help homeowners plan and execute a successful bathroom remodeling project. This guide covers everything from budgeting and design to selecting materials. It also provides helpful tips and advice on how to make the most of your remodeling project. With this guide, you can be sure that your bathroom remodel will be a success.

Why remodel, update or decorate your bathroom?

  • Increase the value of your home: A bathroom remodel can add significant value to your home. By updating fixtures, finishes, and features, you can make your bathroom look more modern and attractive to potential buyers.
  • Improve functionality: A bathroom remodel can improve the functionality of your bathroom. You can add storage, replace outdated fixtures, and upgrade the layout to make your bathroom more efficient and comfortable.
  • Create a spa-like atmosphere: A bathroom remodel can create a spa-like atmosphere in your home. By adding luxurious features like heated floors, a steam shower, and a soaking tub, you can create a relaxing retreat in your own home.
  • Enhance your lifestyle: Remodeling or updating your bathroom can help to create a more comfortable and functional space that better meets your lifestyle needs. Whether you’re looking to add a luxurious soaking tub or a more efficient shower, remodeling your bathroom can help to make your daily routine more enjoyable..

How to remodel, update or decorate your bathroom?

  • Install the new bathtub that you want
  • Install the new toilet which is more efficient
  • Add a new shower faucet: Installing a new shower can give your bathroom a luxurious feel. Consider adding a rainfall showerhead, or a steam shower.
  • Add a new shower curtain and accessories
  • Add a new mirror and medicine cabinet
  • Install new towel racks and shelves
  • Add a new window treatment
  • Paint the walls: A fresh coat of paint can instantly update the look of your bathroom. Choose a color that complements your existing fixtures and decor.
  • Add decorative accents: Add a few decorative accents to your bathroom to give it a unique look. Consider adding a few wall hangings, a rug, or a few plants to bring life to the room.
  • Replace the fixtures: Replacing outdated fixtures can give your bathroom a modern look. Consider replacing the faucets, showerhead, and lighting fixtures to give the room a more modern feel.
  • Install a new vanity: Installing a new vanity can give your bathroom a whole new look. Consider a vanity with plenty of storage, or one with an interesting shape or color.
  • Change the lighting: Updating the lighting in your bathroom can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel. Consider adding a dimmer switch, or installing a new light fixture.
  • Change the flooring: Replacing the flooring in your bathroom can give it a fresh, new look. Consider using tile, hardwood, or vinyl.
  • Change out the hardware: Replacing the hardware on cabinets and drawers can give your bathroom a more modern look.
  • Add a backsplash: Adding a backsplash to your bathroom can give it a more polished look. Choose a tile or stone backsplash that complements the colors and style of your bathroom.

What should you not do when remodeling a bathroom?

  • Don't attempt any major plumbing or electrical work without the help of a professional.
  • Don't forget to turn off the water before starting any demolition or construction.
  • Don't forget to check local building codes and regulations before beginning any remodeling project.
  • Don't use materials that are not rated for use in wet environments.
  • Don't forget to wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves.
  • Don't forget to take measurements and make a plan before beginning any work. 
  • Don't forget to budget for the entire project and plan for any unexpected costs. 
  • Don't forget to take safety precautions when using power tools.

 Is remodeling a bathroom worth it?

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great investment, as it can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Additionally, a bathroom remodel can make your bathroom more functional and comfortable, and can even help you save money on energy bills. Ultimately, the decision to remodel your bathroom is up to you, but it can be a great investment if done correctly.

How much does it cost to remodel an average size bathroom?

The cost to remodel an average size bathroom can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project and the materials used. Generally, bathroom remodels range from $5,000 to $15,000, with the average cost being around $10,000.

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The first step in bathroom remodeling is to decide what type of remodel you want to do. Do you want to completely gut the space and start from scratch, or do you want to make minor changes? Once you have decided on the scope of the project, you can begin to plan out the details.

The next step is to create a budget. This will help you determine how much you can spend on the project and what materials you can use. You should also consider any permits or fees that may be required for the project. Once you have a budget in place, you can begin to shop for materials and fixtures. You should consider the style and color of the fixtures, as well as the size and shape of the space. You may also want to consider the type of materials that you will use for the walls, floor, and ceiling. When it comes to the bathroom remodeling process, it is important to plan ahead. 

You should make sure that you have all of the materials that you need before you start the project. This will help you stay on track and avoid any costly mistakes. When it comes to the actual remodeling process, you should take your time and do it right. You should make sure that you are following all of the safety guidelines and that you are using the proper tools and materials. You should also make sure that you are following all of the local building codes. When you are finished with your bathroom remodeling project, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and functional space that you can be proud of. 

With the right planning and preparation, you can make sure that your bathroom remodel is a success. TopCraft tips to help you get started.

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